How to Make Your Own Mold For Custom PMC Creations

play doh balls

One of the simplest ways to produce your very own jewelry pieces from precious metal clay is with the help of a mold. While there are some commercially available molds for sale, there are also several simple ways to create unique molds all your own!

Creating Wax Molds

Wax molds are a simple, fast way to create all kinds of unique designs for your jewelry. You can purchase wax in sheets or in blocks. Then you can use a variety of hand tools and rotary tools to shave away portions of the wax and make patterns. Wax is especially useful for creating lettering and scrollwork because it is hard enough to hold the fine details of the shapes.

Using Play-Doh Molds

If you don't have any molding wax on hand, Play-Doh makes a reasonable substitute. For less than a dollar a can, you can use Play-Doh to press against textures that you find out in the world. Then you can take the Play-Doh home and lay it out flat to dry.

Play-Doh becomes very hard after it has dried for a couple days, so you can use it as a mold. However, Play-Doh is a little bit more brittle than wax, and it may pick up some debris if you are pressing it against plants or trees.

Making Polymer Clay Molds

Polymer clay is a good way to make ultra-durable molds of objects around your home. Similar to Play-Doh, you can form the clay around the object and then harden it to create a long lasting mold.

The biggest difference is that polymer clay needs to be fired in a tabletop metal clay kiln to fully harden into effective PMC molds. When shopping for polymer clay, make sure you choose an extra-soft clay that will contour well to your target object and pick up the minute details.

After you've created your molds, you can begin creating batches of personalized jewelry pieces with your PMC kiln in no time! Simply press your metal clay into the mold to form the shape and texture you desire, and then place it in your metal clay kiln to finish the curing process. Mix and match your homemade molds to create even more unique pieces.

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