Metal Clay Kilns


At just 12 lbs, the RapidFire Pro front-loading kilns are the ideal solution for artists looking for an ultra-portable firing unit without sacrificing the power, performance, and features needed to manage projects. The RapidFire kilns are designed to rapidly heat to 2200 F (1205 C) for jewelry, metal clays, enameling, ability to heat treat metal (i.e. small knife blades) and more. Models are available with either standard or programmable digital controllers.


  • Multi-Input Digital Controller

  • Max. Firing Temp. of 2200 F

  • Alumina Fiber Shelving

  • 1500 Watts of Power

  • Available in 7 Cerakote Finishes

  • Lightweight, Only 12 Lbs!

Jewelry Making For the Metal Artist

If you've been dreaming of launching your own jewelry line, metal clay kilns from Tabletop Furnace Company are the perfect solution. You can choose the size and style of kiln that fits your needs, and make it a part of your very own design studio.


More Convenience

Too many would-be jewelers and artisans are frustrated by the cost and inconvenience of renting a studio with a kiln or purchasing a full-size kiln for themselves. Our Rapidfire Pro-L and Rapidfire Pro-LP kilns are perfect for letting you create unique jewelry at home.

They can be used with silver, gold, bronze and a number of other materials that you choose. Our kilns can also be used for treating metals, curing glazes and melting glass. All of these great features are packed into a convenient tabletop unit that doesn't eat up your workshop real estate and weighs only 12 pounds! That means you can move it out of the way until you are ready to begin firing.

More Power

You may have seen other jewelry-making kilns on the market that seemed too good to be true. The reason is that many inexpensive home kilns are unreliable and do not reach high-enough temperatures or maintain their temperatures at a steady rate.

At The Tabletop Furnace Company, we made sure that every one of our precious metal clay kilns is made with quality in mind. We use industry-leading technology and materials to ensure that your kiln has all the power it needs without losing efficiency. You set the temperature, and your kiln will get you there.

To learn more about our two amazing tabletop kilns, check out our product pages or contact us today. We would be happy to help you find the kiln that fits your needs today as well as your long-term goals for your jewelry or art business. All of our products are made here in the U.S. so we can provide ongoing support to our customers if you ever have a question.