Creative Textures for Precious Metal Clay

You may have seen the wide range of products designed to help you create textured jewelry and products with your metal clay. However, if you're looking to branch out and get a little more inventive, there's no need to buy more stamps or mats. Instead, you can use items you already have to create 100 percent unique textures that nobody else has.


If you're looking for an interesting new pattern to use on different types of metal clay, just take a look at the fabrics you have around you. Burlap has a rough texture that you can roll your clay over. On the other hand, lace items with detailed appliques can be used to create fancy designs. There are also fabrics that feature prominent basket weave patterns, crosshatching or pin-striping.

From the Kitchen

You probably have a ton of cooking utensils that can be used to create interesting designs. From the garlic press to the edge of a knife, you can use these tools to make interesting ridges and dimples in your metal clay. Citrus fruits and stems from vegetables can be used as well. Seeds and leaves also make an interesting array of patterns when gently impressed upon your clay.

Around the House

Other useful options include soft bristle brushes, coins, wood textures and more. A quick walk through your home can run up plenty of intriguing options that cost you nothing. Jars, coffee cans and medicine bottles can also be used to create shapes and molds of all kinds.

If you have a fancy gate that features an intricate design, you can mold your clay to it, picking up the finer details. You can also use old jewelry to impress a combination of designs into your clay and create something all your own.

Before you spend another dime on expensive texturing tools, take a look around you. You have everything you need to create your very own textures using materials around your home. With your personal jewelry making kiln you can experiment with these textures and see how they look after they've been fired. Fill your metal clay kiln with desirable pieces that nobody else will be able to replicate using these techniques.

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