Product Safety Information


Kiln Safety

1. Always wear proper safety protection.
2. Keep off and away from flamable materials.
3. Keep unsupervised children away.
4. Avoid using extension cords to plug in kilns.
5. Use the designated cord set and plug provided by the manufacturerer.
6. Avoid installing the kiln in a damp area as this can lead to corrosion of the plug.
7. Make sure the correct wire size is used during kiln installation.

Kiln Setup Instructions

1. Making sure the on/off switch is in the OFF position; plug your kiln/furnace into a dedicated 15A power source.
2. Power the kiln/furnace on. The temperature controller should read your ambient temperature and be set to 0 degrees.
3. Gently place material being worked in furnace or crucible.
4. Set desired temperature. The typical warm up time is 20 minutes, with an additional 15-20 minutes for metals to melt. Other material cure times will vary.
5. Always use caution and wear proper safety protection when removing materials from furnace.
6. Be sure to set temperature back to 0 degrees when finished.
7. Allow sufficient amount of cooling time before handling or moving kiln/furnace.

Kiln Maintenance

Before Each Firing

1. Check the interior of your kiln for anything that looks out of place.
2. Remove any loose pieces of firebrick from the walls or lid. Loose pieces can fall on your ware during firing and stick to glazes.
3. Replace brick when elements start bulging out or sagging. Element staples will work to hold elements for short periods.
4. Remove any glaze spots from walls, shelves, posts, or bottom of kiln. If this is not done, glaze can melt and spread into element grooves causing shorter element life.
5. Double check shelves for any cracks. Do not use a shelf if cracked. It can split in firing resulting in severe damage to the kiln and your ware.
6. Cover bare spots on shelves with fresh kiln wash (most important in glaze firings).
7. Check for loose or bulging elements. Use element staples to hold them in place or replace firebrick.
8. If your kiln is equipped with a kiln sitter, clean any residue or kiln wash off the sensing rod and cone supports and coat with fresh kiln wash. This will prevent the cones from sticking. If any materials cannot be removed from the cone supports, they must be replaced.
9. If your kiln is equipped with a thermocouple, gently wiggle it to be sure it is not cracked.
10. Make sure nothing flammable is coming into contact with the kiln and the cord is not touching the sides of the kiln.
11. Be sure nothing is in front of the kiln preventing the weight from dropping on a kiln sitter (if equipped).

Tabletop Furnace Company Safety Guidelines and Legal Disclaimer


When operating a Tabletop kiln, please properly observe the following safety requirements:

1. The stainless steel jacket and some of the other fixtures surrounding the kiln will get hot enough to burn your skin when the kiln is heated. Therefore it is important to be extremely careful when working close to the kiln.Even after the kiln’s power has been turned off, it will remain very hot for a considerable amount of time. It should not be touched or opened until it has fully cooled.
2. Use extreme caution when opening the kiln door while the kiln is heated. We recommend you use heavy-duty and heat-resistant gloves to protect your skin from the heated components and hot air that can escape from the chamber of the kiln when opening the lid (or door on frontloading kilns).
3. Keep children and pets away from the kiln when it is heated.
4. The elements inside the kiln chamber may cause an electrical shock if touched. Never insert metal instruments into the kiln while it is firing.
5. The unit has been equipped with a tip over switch to help prevent accidents.
6. Always be sure to unplug the kiln before working on the electrical components of the kiln.
7. Remove all potentially combustible or flammable materials from the kiln area and make certain that the kiln is at least six (6) feet from curtains, draperies, carpet or any combustible or flammable household items. The kiln should be used in a garage, a carport, a room meant for utility or for pursuing a hobby and the surface on which the kiln must rest on should be made of some element, which is non-combustible, such as, metal, ceramic or brick.
8. Do not put anything on top of the kiln.
9. Use IR and UV protective glasses when looking into the kiln.
10. Your intended use of the kiln may cause release gases which can irritate the body and lungs; some of these may be toxic or lethal if proper safety measures are not observed. You should make sure the operating space for the kiln is properly ventilated, including but not limited to use a licensed heating and air-conditioning (HAC) contractor to ensure that adequate ventilation is achieved.
11. The toxic fumes given off by a ceramic kiln during firing include carbon monoxide released during reduction firing which can be lethal, sulfur dioxide released by firing metal-soluble salts which irritates the lungs and carbon dioxide which can elevate blood pressure dangerously. Therefore, observe these kiln-safety tips:
a. Do not operate the kiln in a wet place.
b. Do not allow children or animals near a hot kiln.
c. Electric kilns should not be plugged or unplugged unless the electric circuit is off and they
should always be unplugged before making repairs.
d. Be sure to turn all switches off before loading or unloading a kiln.
12. Complete product safety and State/Federal regulatory information for Gemcolite Alumina Fiber Insulation is available at the following link,
13. You should never locate the kiln in an enclosed space or in a room where the temperature might tend to fall below 32°F or rise above 105°F. This causes damage to the components within the kiln.


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