RapidFire Pro-LP


The RapidFire Pro-LP offers the ultimate combination of portability, function, and performance demanded by professional artists, at a fraction of the cost of comparative products.

The RapidFire LP is the ideal solution for jewelry, metal clay, and ceramic firing and comes complete with a digital control panel, embedded heating element, 6″ x 5″ x 6″ firing chamber, 1500 Watts of power, and wide opening door. And at just 12 lbs, it’s light enough to take with you on the go.

**Due to the nature of raw steel under extreme temperatures, the steel surface will experience tempering and coloration changes.

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Innovative technologies, like Tabletop's RAPIDHEAT system, which uses high temperature thermocouples to manage and distribute heat efficiently, provide the ability to build a metal clay kiln which quickly heats up to 2200 F (1205 C). At 100% heating times of less than 10 minutes, our RapidFire Pro series kilns will help to manage both time and costs, ensuring you can focus on what you do best!


The RapidFire Pro-LP uses a PID Temperature Controller with 30 Steps Ramp/Soak. This controller has all the features of the standard PID controller (except the manual control mode). This is a dual display, 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm) programmable PID temperature/process controller.


This controller is for applications where it is desirable to have the set point automatically adjust over time. The dual alarm relay can be activated either by the temperature set point or by program steps. And can be used to interlock other equipments in the process.

  • 30 programmable steps for ramp, soak and other logic actions
  • PID control with fuzzy logic enhancement
  • Selectable security access levels
  • Dual alarm outputs made standard at no extra charge
  • 0.2% accuracy over the entire input range
  • High brightness, large LED display easily read from distance
  • 0.2% accuracy over the entire input range
  • Percent output indication
  • High brightness, large LED display easily read from distance

Additional information

Product Uses

The RapidFire kilns are designed to rapidly heat to 2200 F (1205 C) for jewelry, metal clays (PMC), glass fusing, glaze testing and ceramics.

Outside Dimensions

8" x 7" x 13" (W x D x H)


12 Lbs

Firing Chamber

6" x 5" x 6" (W x D x H)

Max Heating Temp

2200 F (1205 C)


1500 W with standard 15 Amp circuit

Coiled Type

Resistance Wire

Controller Type

Digital/Programmable w/ramp, soak, and other logic actions


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