Holiday Gift Ideas Using Your TableTop Kiln

Homemade gifts are a thoughtful, heartwarming gesture during the holiday season. Spending your time to create something unique and special for someone is often well-received, especially when you put forth a significant effort.

Your tabletop kiln gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to making DIY holiday gifts, and it’s definitely one of the preferred tools for holidays. From handmade pottery mugs and plates to exquisitely beautiful fused glass pieces, anyone is able to create just about anything they can think of with the right tools – like your tabletop kiln.

Sparkling Holiday Bling

Metal clay jewelry is endlessly customizable, making it the perfect medium for nearly everyone on your holiday gift list. PMC offers significant versatility. It can be used on its own or paired with a variety of other materials like polymer clay to create pieces that are bold and dramatic or subtle and elegant. When working with PMC, metal clay kilns are a necessity. The Rapidfire Pro, for example, is affordable, portable, and heats very quickly, allowing you to complete projects for everyone on your list in record time. Your electricity bill shouldn’t see any outrageous changes, either, even during the holidays, which is often a kiln’s busiest time of year.

Beautiful Fusion

Fall in love with the ways glass can be manipulated and fused together; the patterns that can emerge are nothing short of stunning. Use glass to craft useful gifts that evoke the holiday season, like a set of coasters with a shimmering combination of gold and red glass with green accents. They’ll be an amazing asset during the holidays or anytime the recipient is entertaining. Fused glass can also be used in jewelry; pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and more can be created or adorned with fused glass.

Homemade Pottery Gift

Pottery, Pet Gifts and So Much More

For the coffee lovers on your gift list this year, create the perfect coffee cups for each of them. You can use a potter’s wheel to create unique shapes and designs, and pick out stunning glazes to match. Fire them and see the end result; I’m nearly as excited about that as about giving them the gifts! My pottery wheel got a bit more use; as I made new food bowls for each of our cats. After all, I couldn’t leave my furry friends without gifts on the big day, and my tabletop kiln made firing everything fast and easy.

Created with Love

Tabletop kilns have been helping people make beautiful gifts for their friends and loved ones for years. Once you give something made with love, it’s unimaginable just going to a store and buying a lifeless trinket or impersonal gift. With the variety of great gifts that can be made with a good tabletop kiln, there’s simply no reason not to make lovely, personalized gifts for everyone on your holiday list…even the kitties!

If you don’t have one yet, for holiday-related projects consider the Rapidfire Pro-LP from Tabletop Furnaces, as it is a favorite metal clay kiln this season.

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