How TableTop Kilns Can Inspire Your Creative Growth

The "creative flow" isn't always a steady one – as any artistic person knows – it can come and go. With your own TableTop kiln and a little imagination, you will likely see an increase in your creative spark. When you have your own portable electric kiln, you can create as inspiration hit you; and you can carry it with you almost anywhere you go.

Do you have limited workspace? Creative work-spaces both big and small can often run into space and storage challenges. A TableTop kiln will fit perfectly into your home or small studio. No matter what your favorite medium is, a home kiln is perfect for the artist who enjoys firing clay, jewelry making, PMC, glass fusing and more!

When you have to take your work elsewhere to be fired, it's easy to lose the momentum it takes to continue to inspire your creativity. With a small kiln in your home, classroom or studio, you can go from one project to the next – with no disruptions.

TableTop Kilns Can Suit Any Small Firing Need

Whether you use a kiln for jewelry making, metal clay work, pottery projects or any arts and crafts that require curing – a portable kiln keeps your work conveniently in your home, classroom or studio.

You no longer need to take your work into a workshop for someone else to fire. This not only makes your life easier, but also with less handling and transporting, will keep your work safer.

TableTop portable kilns

Though small, our TableTop kilns have the functionality of larger kilns.

  • Efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid heating

TableTop kilns are easy to move and will give you the power you need for proper heating times and firing cycles. If you are an on-the-go artist or metalwork enthusiast, you will particularly appreciate how easily the TableTop kiln can be transported or moved from one place to another. They are also an excellent choice for a classroom.

RapidHeat Technology

A top-loading portable kiln is perfect for those who require a kiln to perform at very high temperatures. It reduces heating and cooling times, which helps to minimize your electrical costs. You will be able to complete more projects per hour due to its ability to fire to its maximum temperature in just eight minutes.

Front-loading portable kilns are an excellent choice for metal clay work, firing clay, jewelry or small pottery projects. Our front-loading machines also have the RapidHeat technology system to enable you to get your pieces cured efficiently and quickly.

For Your Firing Needs

TableTop Furnace products are made in America and feature top-quality materials and construction. Our portable kilns are reasonably priced, so they fit into an artist's budget. Keep your creative juices flowing – call (206) 504-3564 to speak to our experts about enjoying your own TableTop portable kiln.

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