Kiln Safety 101

Now that you've picked out a brand new kiln to add to your hobby room, it is important to remember that these devices can be dangerous if you do not practice proper care during use.

The kiln itself is designed to reach very hot temperatures for long periods of time, but the area directly surrounding your electric kiln may also get hot.
Here are a few tips for keeping yourself and your family safe.

Be Aware

Although kilns for home use are insulated to keep the maximum amount of heat inside the unit, some parts of the kiln may become hot enough to burn skin on the exterior.

Make sure that children and pets are kept away from your kiln while it is in use, and that the area is properly ventilated so the surrounding area is not damaged, and so that gasses created inside the kiln can be safely discharged.

Do not look into the kiln without proper safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Inspect Regularly

Inspecting your kiln inside and out before every use is important for safety as well as performance.

Over time, the shelves and firebrick within your kiln will begin to break down. This is normal, and you need to replace the elements of your kiln when they are showing signs of wear.

If you continue to use cracked or flaking parts inside of your kiln, they have the potential to break during firing, dropping your goods and potentially creating a hazard inside the small kiln.

If there is any glaze or other debris left behind in your kiln, make sure it is properly cleaned before your next use to extend the element life of your kiln and avoid unwanted damage to your wares.

Use Proper Tools

Before you attempt to use your kiln for the very first time, we encourage you to purchase the correct tools for use with it. A set of extended tongs and heat resistant gloves can protect you from the heat escaping from the kiln when it is opened. In addition, if an item is accidentally dropped, you can avoid being burned trying to catch it.

Once you understand how to use your kiln properly you will enjoy the ability to create all kinds of projects. First, make sure you take the time to read the safety warnings and gather the right tools for the job.

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