The Beginners Guide to Using your TableTop Kiln

Creating beautiful art doesn't just happen like it does in the movies. It takes vision, skill and tools to bring real masterpieces to life. At TableTop Furnace Co., our portable kilns are designed to provide reliable firing each and every time.

This means that you will be happy with the finished results whether you are melting precious metals or setting a glaze on hand-thrown pottery.

How It Works

Our kilns rely on RapidHeat technology, which is built around a carefully measured length of resistance wire. The coiled wire is tested to ensure that it can channel up to 1500 watts of heating power.

A double layer of the coil is then encased within low-thermal conductive ceramic insulation. The insulation is a composite of alumina-silicate, alumina and mullite fibers that is rated to applications of up to 3000 F, or 1650 C.

This ultra-strong insulation coupled with the coil layout maximizes heat distribution throughout the chamber, which in turn reduces the firing time required to finish a piece. It also minimizes heat loss and reduces the amount of energy required to complete each firing.

The design and construction of the TableTop kiln allows us to create a super strength small kiln that weighs a mere 12 pounds. This makes it the lightest portable kiln in the world.

Turning Up the Heat

Our RapidHeat kilns are designed to reach a maximum temperature of 2100 F, or 1150 C. Our Digital PID Temperature Controller makes it easy for users to program and set their desired parameters.

To start, simply make note of the ambient temperature and set it as your starting point. From there, users set their target temperatures and bake times. This allows users to control the temperature rise within the chamber so that pieces are properly baked at every stage. This also reduces the risk of cracking and other damage that can occur if the rise in temperature is too rapid.

When all the temperature targets and parameters are set, users simply need to set their turn-off point by entering the universal stop code. The controller gives users precise control and auto-tuning, which ensures a perfect firing with each use.

Set-Up Is a Breeze

The portable kilns we manufacture are designed for easy set-up and use. Our QuikMelt and RapidHeat kilns can be set up and ready to use within minutes.

To begin, users simply need to place the kiln upon a stable surface and ensure that no flammable materials are nearby.

Once settings have been entered, simply place the piece to be fired inside, or select the appropriate sized crucible before turning the kiln on. The kiln will fire automatically until the desired settings have been reached.

TableTop Furnace Company

We invite you to contact TableTop Furnace Company at 206-504-3564 to learn more about our small glass kilns, kilns for pottery and the RapidHeat kilns we manufacture. We will be happy to tell you how a TableTop kiln can really turn the heat up for your hobbies and crafts!

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